was founded in 2006 by Romain Jallon. One morning, during a typical long, comfortable shower, Romain realized how much clean hot water he was wasting, despite his good intentions and low-flow shower head. Although he had always been eco-conscious, he couldn't imagine sacrificing his long,

satisfying morning shower

. Instead, he imagined

a shower intelligent enough to continuously analyse the quality of water used

, and automatically (and immediately) reuse clean water in a closed cycle. He imagined a shower that would not only help save considerable amounts of water and energy, but would also let people take long, enjoyable showers with no pangs of guilt. It didn’t take long to find people who shared his vision and enthusiasm. He put together a passionate team and his idea quickly became a common dream. After five years of research and development

Reveeco came up with a unique, highly efficient solution that promises to revolutionize the bathroom industry.

We are proud to introduce the


, the most intelligent shower in the world.


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